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Oscar Nominated Shorts

See what all the Oscar buzz is about when you view these mini-movie-masterpieces!  You’ll see all of the live action and animated shorts before the awards are presented later that evening at the Academy Awards.
The collection of live action films will be screened first, followed by a 15-minute intermission, and the evening will conclude with the nominees in the animated category. Total run time including intermission is three hours and 18 minutes.
Recommended for mature audiences as some short films may contain subject matter not appropriate for children.
  Scheduled: bulletSunday, March 4, 2018     1 pm
  Sponsor (s): Double Diamond Construction
  Additional Details:
Live Action Shorts
DeKalb Elementary (Reed Van Dyk), USA/20 minutes. A 911 call plays out against the backdrop of a school shooting incident in Atlanta.
The Silent Child (Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton), UK/20 minutes. A deaf 4-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate.
My Nephew Emmett (Kevin Wilson, Jr.), USA/20 minutes. At 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 28, 1955, in the most racially divided state in the country, 64-year-old Mose Wright tries to protect his 14-year-old nephew Emmett Till from two racists who are out for blood.
The Eleven O’Clock (Derin Seale and Josh Lawson), Australia/13 minutes. The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the doctor. As they each attempt to treat each other the session spirals out of control.
Watu Wote/All of Us (Katja Benrath and Tobias Rosen), Germany/22 minutes. For almost a decade Kenya has been targeted by terrorist attacks of the al-Shabab. In December 2015, Muslim bus passengers showed that solidarity can prevail.
Animated Shorts
Dear Basketball (Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant), USA/5 minutes. Based on a letter Kobe Bryant wrote to The Players' Tribune on November 29, 2015 announcing his retirement from basketball.
Negative Space (Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata), France/5 minutes. Even though Sam's father is hardly ever home because he is often away on business trips, he is able to connect with his son by teaching him how to pack a suitcase.
Lou (Dave Mullins and Dana Murray), USA/7 minutes. A toy-stealing bully discovers a strange creature in the lost and found box.
Revolting Rhymes (Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer), UK/29 minutes. Beloved children's author Roald Dahl's witty updates of classic fairy tales come to life in these animated tales revealing the farcical, shady truth about Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, the Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Cinderella.
Garden Party (Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon), France/7 minutes. A female frog graciously swims in the water, catching the attention of a curious male toad. In the rich villa those amphibians took for residence, everything is very silent. Frogs explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts. The owners seems to be gone for a very long time.
Additional Animated Shorts:
Lost Property Office (Daniel Agdag) Australia/10 minutes. Ed is a thorough and practical custodian of a large city transit’s Lost Property Office. In many ways he is as lost as the items he is tasked to look after. What emerges from his darkened basement office is wondrous and whimsical.
Weeds (Kevin Hudson) USA/3 minutes. The story of a dandelion, rooted on the wrong side of the driveway in a barren yard surrounded by dry dirt and dead grass. Just acro
  Cost: $7 Adults / $6 ages 25 & Under, and ages 60 & Up. CCAC Members receive additional 10% off
  Location: The Carroll Arts Center, 91 West Main Street, Westminster, MD, 21157  View Google Map


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